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Asthma Breathing

There are many reasons for distressed breathing
if yours is asthma, I can help

Do you have asthma?
Are you living with inadequate ability to breathe freely?
Is simple breathing sometimes a struggle?

If your asthma attacks are frequent,
it's onset severe and feels life threatening, and you are
constantly relying on rescue inhaler, not knowing if you are
able to take the next breath, then I urge you to contact me,
perhaps this is the telephone call necessary to begin your
journey to relieve and easy breathing

I will introduce you to a breathing technique,
that with practice, can possibly end the suffering of asthma

My own journey from being a person crippled with asthma
to health is a testimony of this breathing technique. By HIS mercy

It originated from the practice of a kind of Qigong, Mimchi,
founded by Grand Master Floyd Mims, and developed into a breathing
exercise uniquely designed to target distressed symptoms of asthma,
and strengthen the weakened state of asthmatic breathing functions

I am also a practitioner of the renowned
Master Zhao Xuezhong's style Qigong
This Qigong enables healing through full body vital energies flow

I do not practice medicine, nor do I have a medical background
My techniques are not designed to interrupt, lessen, reduce,replace,
eliminate or diminish the importance of any medication, medical or physician care

My offer is the possibility of a different quality of life
Therefore, if you have a persistent breathing problem due to asthma,
I urge you to call me, there maybe another lifestyle waiting for you

I service north-east New Jersey and certain surrounding areas


Sifu Yang

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